Live Fearlessly

The holistic healing program for busting through your energetic blocks… allowing you to embody your truest self.


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This Program is For You If...

  • You feel stuck in your life.

  • You are lacking purpose, excitement, and connection in your life. 

  • You are constantly finding yourself stuck in chaos or negativity.

  • You are missing out on experiences because of your fear of judgment

  • You need guidance working through trauma, conditioned beliefs, or blocks that are preventing you from healing. 

  • You are ready to dive into your limiting beliefs, old programming, and negative brain pathways that hold you back

  • You want to unlock your power and manifest the reality you desire

"Katie is the perfect person to lead you to your best you and if given the chance you'll never regret allowing her wisdom and energy to impact your life!"

This 3-month journey will guide you through a transformation that will truly change you from the inside out, allowing unlock you true power and manifest the reality you desire. 

We will use a combination of these powerful tools to transform you:

Holistic Nutrition

Brain Rewiring

Energy Healing

While focusing on these FIVE pillars to bring you full, lasting transformation:

Restore. Focusing on your physical body through holistic nutrition, nontoxic living, and any additional support your body needs.

Connect. Connecting with yourself through meditation, the use of different healing modalities, and the balance of masculine & feminine energies.

Rewire. Using brain rewiring to turn inward to uncover your limiting beliefs, old programming, and negative brain pathways that hold you back. 

Release. Releasing emotions that are trapped in your body in a safe, non-judgemental way. These trapped emotions manifest into physical illness & symptoms.

Surrender. Learning the practice of surrendering and that everything is happening FOR you and NOT to you.

This 3 Month Program Includes...

  • Biweekly 1:1 Zoom Coaching Calls (6 Total)

  • Biweekly 1:1 Energy Healing Sessions (including healing, intuitive guidance, and removing energetic blocks) (6 Total)

  • Unlimited Email and Messaging Support

  • Custom Brain Rewiring Steps

  • Bonus Meditations 

  • Bonus Educational Modules & Tools

  • Additional Resource Recommendations (meditations, books, movies, podcast, etc)


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Frequency Asked Questions

What is the investment?

We discuss the investment and all details of the program on a discovery call! There will be an option to pay in full for a discount or to make use of the payment plan. If someone helps you make financial decisions, I recommend having this person on your application call.

How long will I work with you?

We will work together for 3 months (12 weeks)! You'll learn a lot of information and skills you'll be implementing far beyond that!

I've spend so much money healing, I don't think I can afford it right now.

I have the utmost confidence in how this program will transform your life. I have been in your exact shoes and this is what I used in MY life to heal. I know it works. If your first question is, What's the price? then that's exactly why you need this course. To shift your money mindset. If you're thinking, I don't know if I can afford this, then that's exactly why you need this program. My next question for you is - can you really afford not to do this? Can you really afford to be in the same place you're at right now, or in an even deeper hole, 6 months or a year from now because you gave into your FEAR instead of your dream? If you're the abundance queen I know you can be, the answer is no. If your first instinct is, "I can't afford this," I invite you to instead ask yourself, How could I afford this? Re-adjust my budget? Take out a loan from the bank or someone I know? Lending Tree? PayPal credit or another credit card? Sell some furniture? I offer a payment plan if you would prefer to spread your payments out rather than pay in full. If you don't think you will actually do the work and you won't implement the lessons and practices, then this is not the right fit for you. If you will apply this information and do the work, this is a short-term investment for a long-lasting dream.


I'm so excited you are here

It's time you do something for YOU.

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